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The Canadian Amateur Radio Aurora Net

This net is a meeting places for Amateur Radio Stations
giving operators the opportunity to make contacts, pass traffic
and encourage use of the 40 meter Amateur Radio band..

These are *SSB nets - CW stations are welcome to check into the nets.
*Canadian Stations are allowed to operate SSB in this portion of the band.*

There are two sessions of the Aurora Net

Afternoon Aurora Net - daily on 40 meters - 7.100 MHz. - 23:00 UTC
* Net Manager Todd, VE7GBO *

Evening Aurora Net - Sunday - 7.100 MHz. - 9:30 PM CST (MB time - year round)
* Net Manager Wayne, VE4WR *

Net operation is dependant on band conditions & availability of Net Control Stations.

All Amateur Radio Operators are welcome of check into the net!


Information and suggestions for content are welcome and appreciated!

What should we have on this website..

- Information on the nets, updates on changes etc. -

- Information about the net controllers. -

- Pictures. -

- Contact information. -

- History of the Aurora Net. -

- What else would you like to see?? -

Your input is welcome, tell your stories about the Aurora Net.

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